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Getting started, stepping outside of my comfort zone

As a Fitness Expert and Wellness Coach, I always remind my clients- that the first step of “Getting Started” was the most important, if not the hardest, part of the journey towards being healthy and fit. Working towards a healthier body was not just about a power walk, a run or a green salad! It was also about the honest commitment to step out of your old comfort zone and into a more adventurous way of honoring the greatness within you.
How wonderful it feels as you strengthen parts of yourself you never wanted to face because of the fear of failing. Well, today, roles are reversed. I’m the one stepping out of my comfort zone—into blogging.
I was just getting the hang of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And now I’m going to blog, too. I can’t express how nervous I am. I’ve stepped in and stepped back from writing a blog for more than six months now.
But I’m entering this brave new world because I want to connect with you in a more direct, personal way. And this is the best way for me to do that.
I’ve been vexing over this for so long, and then it hit me. The theme of the first step “Getting Started” can be applied to many aspects of life!
For me, I needed to approach writing this blog like a person whose walking into a gym or workout class for the first time. You’re not quite comfortable yet and everybody around you seems to be He and She body perfect! What should I do? Do I power walk off the treadmill and out the door, never to return? Or do I remember the honest commitment of shedding old comfort zones and moving towards an exciting new expression of me? Yes, I stay and I do my best! And each time I visit, I get stronger and more fit. I find a new community of supportive friends that are happy to exchange helpful tips, life lessons and maybe a pat on the back.
So here I stand. Ready to step out of my comfort zone and try this popular workout called Blogging. Yes, I’m a bit out of shape and I don’t know anyone at this workout. Still, I’m ready to flex some new muscles as I join this new community of self expression. And in the process, create some new and hopefully lasting friendships.
I’m ready to Bloggercise!!
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